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Increase Your Blog’s Conversion Rates by 87%

Hubspot recently wrote an article explaining how to increase your blog’s conversion rate by 87% and it has several great tips.

It covers a wide range of topics to help you increase your conversion rate from how you approach conversion to how you track results.

It’s a great read, check it out here

10 Ways To Easily Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce industry. Both the leading and upcoming eCommerce businesses are experiencing this challenge. A recent study by Baymard revealed that approximately one in every four shoppers actually finalizes the purchase. If you can reduce shopping cart abandonment you will be able to sell more of your products and services. makes it easy to convert more of your traffic into sales. It allows you to run your own affiliate program, easily integrate 1 click upsells and downsells, order bumps and more. Test Drive YourCart

Reduce your shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rate

It can be very frustrating to get customers all the way to the shopping cart, only to lose them. There are a number of reasons that can make potential customers to abandon their shopping carts. A large portion of shopping cart abandonments can be avoided.

Here’s how to reduce shopping cart abandonment

We are going to discuss some effective strategies you can implement to reduce eCommerce shopping cart abandonment and avoid missing out on several sales opportunities. With these marketing strategies, you can as well increase your customer base and motivate them to come back again.

Allow Guest Checkout

You will be missing out on potential shoppers when you make it mandatory for them to sign up for an account prior to checkout. Anything that can slow down the checkout process must be avoided at all cost. Ensure your store is configured to allow shoppers to open an account after they complete the checkout process.

No potential customer will be happy to go through the process of filling personal details, confirming an email address, and then going back to the shopping cart to complete a purchase. Most shoppers will probably leave your store and never to come back again.

Remove the obstacle that can result in huge shopping cart abandonment by enabling guest checkout. Many shoppers are going through a lot of trouble when creating a new account. Your sales will increase when you allow customers to create an account after they’ve completed their purchase.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is a powerful marketing strategy you can implement to create come back customers and encourage shoppers who abandon their carts to finalize their purchase. When it comes to selling, giving customers free things no matter how small it is can encourage them to make a purchase.

Multiple studies have shown that offering free shipping can improve conversion rate when you do it right. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that fifty-eight percent of U.S eCommerce orders included free shipping. There are costs associated with offering free shipping, but the benefits far outweigh the investment.

However, there are several ways you can employ to offer free shipping without lowering your profit. You can implement it on products that make the most gain, add the shipping cost on your entire product’s prices and much more.

Offer Coupon Codes

Offering coupon code is a very enticing option you can use to encourage potential customers to purchase from your website instead of a competitor’s website. Businesses that give out coupon codes tend to see an increase in sales and customer base.

Multiple studies have shown that failing to provide coupon codes to potential customers can result in shopping cart abandonment. You can use coupon codes to lure customers to make a purchase on a store they’ve abandoned before.

Offering coupon codes can help lower any doubt that can prevent shoppers from buying from you. Many brands are using this strategy to increase conversion rates. Several statistical data and surveys have shown that a large majority of online shoppers look for coupon codes before making a purchase.

This marketing tactic can reduce your profitability and margin. However, it can improve your business performance when used strategically. You can choose to offer 5% or 10% discounts to buyers that want to buy small items and 20% or 30% to buyers with big budgets.

Make the Checkout Process Smooth

Enabling smooth checkout is an effective marketing tactic many online stores are using to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Many customers find it very frustrating passing through a lot of unnecessary pages before checking out. Make sure you avoid implementing unwarranted policies that can make potential customers to abandon their cart in favor of a different store.

You will miss out on many sales opportunities when you allow customers go through several different pages before finalizing a purchase. One thing most e-commerce site owners failed to realize is that online shoppers are always in a hurry to get to checkout page as soon as they add an item in a cart.

The sooner you remove any obstacle that can cause shopping cart abandonment, the better you can make more sales. You can make it easier for your customers to shop by requiring their email address and credit details.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Providing exceptional customer service experience is a necessity for a healthy eCommerce business. Many leading online stores are using this marketing tactic to create customer come back. It’s certain that customers will have questions about their purchase.

One obvious benefit to providing excellent customer support is repeat business. When you efficiently and effectively meet customer’s need, it often leads to significant reduction in shopping cart abandonment.

You can increase sales by integrating FAQ page that answers every possible question your customers might have. Use other customer service channels such as phones, live chat, help desk, social media, and email. These channels make it easy for customers to reach out and interact with you concerning their various requests.

Interact With Customers on Social Media

If you are not yet engaging with potential customers on social media, you can start now. Social media is a popular platform can help you to connect and engage with potential customers. Social media sites allow you to use different types of content to get your brand in front of prospects.

The key to running a successful eCommerce brand is in building loyal customers that believe in your products. Building strong lifetime customer value can easily produce customers that will be proud to share their experience with family people on various digital networks.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

In today’s tech-centric world, there are several payment options that are becoming popular. Credit card payment is the most popular option every eCommerce business is using. Many online shoppers abandon their carts because of single payment option.

However, if you’re going to offer effortless shopping experience and discourage customers from abandoning their cart, then offer multiple payment options. The more payment option you provide, the more potential customers will be motivated to complete their purchase.

Keep the Cart in Clear View

Having your cart where your customers can see it, will encourage them to complete their purchase. There are many things that could distract customers when they are making a purchase. Keeping your cart in view at all times can help you increase conversion rate. Your job is to keep the cart in clear view and remove every distraction that could potentially make shoppers abandon their order.

Keeping your shopping cart in a visible area of your store can help remind them about any uncompleted purchase. You can position cart icon in your menu bar to increase exposure. Another great strategy that can reduce shopping cart abandonment is to install a cart plugin and customize it to suit your store.

Review Your Delivery Options

Delivery is an important element that influences the customer’s decision to complete the order. You can work on your delivery strategy to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales. Your delivery strategy is crucial your business success.

These days, customers expect their products to be delivered at the exact time and location they want them. Ensure you carry out a survey to determine what your customers want. Find out what appeals to your customers most and provide the details on your store home page.

If your delivery information contains what your customers want, they will purchase from you. You can offer multiple delivery options and use the professional couriers that can deliver items fast. You can as well display delivery information on every product and checkout page.

Build a Blog

Blog is one of the best marketing platforms you can employ to convert visitors into loyal customers and engage with them with useful content. Blog gives you the opportunity to talk about the benefits and great features of your products. You can use it to talk about the success of your store and build shoppers confidence.

A study has revealed that purchase anxiety is one of the reasons potential customers abandon their carts. If you want to kill purchase anxiety from potential customers, then build a blog where customers can learn important things about your brand. A blog can help boost your customer’s confidence.

When people have no confidence in your products, they are more likely to keep changing their mind during checkout process leading to carts abandonment. With a blog, you can drive massive traffic to your store, engage with customers and increase sales.

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5 Key Design Tips For Effective Order Forms

5 Key Design Tips for Effective Order Forms

Your website’s order form matter so much. It is a key element in the whole website design where visitors enter their details if and when they decide to subscribe to a service, pay for an item, or sign up for an account. A mediocre customer order form will not garner any attention, much less entice users to perform your desired action.

While there are a number of online order form creator available for free or even pricey order form packages, they won’t matter if you don’t take care of the most important component in creating an order form – design.

In a 2018 survey on web form effectiveness, Clutch found that 86% of 502 respondents fill at least one web form a week. Over 90% prefer web forms utilize a scrolling layout rather than a click-per-page design. 

Effective order forms should be concise, clear, and appealing. But how do you make your order forms such? Here are five tips to help you.

1. Always Include Five Key Design Elements

An effective sales order form template must always contain five essential elements in its design:

  1. Structure,
  2. Input fields,
  3. Field labels,
  4. Action buttons, and
  5. Feedback.

Each element has its function that contributes to the overall design and feel of your order forms.

Structure pertains to the layout of your form, including the arrangement of the fields, the size of the form, and more. Logically, going through the form should be a smooth experience for your users. Better UX, where you can seamlessly incorporate upsells, results in better conversions.

Input fields are where the visitors enter their information while the field labels tell them what information is required.  Action buttons are clickable buttons that perform specific actions (e.g. Download Software, Buy Now, and Add To Cart).

Feedback is an interactive component that affirms the user’s action (“Congratulations!” or “Thanks for signing up!”) or assists the user to make the necessary corrections (“Date field is missing”). It helps facilitate and speed up the process.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

Whether you are using an order form software or a free online order form generator, it is critical that you keep your order forms short and straightforward. No lengthy sales pitches. No unnecessary commentaries.

You have to make sure that you only ask for information that you need and none of the unnecessary details. People tend to respond positively to order forms that are not invasive and not ask them their credit card numbers and secondary emails.

Travel company Expedia found that they were losing over $12 million a year because of an extra field, according to a 2010 ZDnet article. The said field has caused great confusion to its customers, who entered their bank name when the field required their company name. 

Your information requirements should be specific to what you’re offering. For instance, you can include shoe sizes if you’re selling shoes or provide options and tick boxes if you are peddling various packages.

It is also important that your order forms lead to a shopping cart page that is integrated with a full-retail solution. The advent of technology has even paved the way for a dispensary POS software to be available for businesses. It streamlines the process from your end and helps you deliver a consistent experience to your customers.

3. Make It Mobile-Friendly

People buying stuff online through their mobile devices is now the norm. Thus, it is important that your order forms are optimized for mobile platforms. Expert form designers concur that you should ditch complicated looks and feel and should go for a simple and intuitive design. Otherwise, your customers would see the whole process as dragging and you end up losing their business.

When optimizing your order forms for mobile devices, it is best that you include all the important fields on one page. This is to streamline the whole journey and accelerate the data entry process. You should only ask for the basic information such as their name, email, shipping address, credit card number and nothing more.

Utilize top-aligned labels and fields as well as collapsible menus and dropdown lists. Single input entities also work best for mobile order forms. Incorporating a step or progress tracker helps customers monitor where they are in the order process.

4. Arrange Fields from Simple to Difficult

Make sure your fields are arranged from easiest to hardest. Begin your form with queries that are simple to answer such as names and email. Time-consuming questions and multiple-option fields are best placed near the end.

This arrangement helps prevent your visitors from discontinuing the order process. If the first question makes them think or struggle for an answer, they are likely to abandon the whole thing and you end up losing a customer.

5. Don’t Ask for a Phone Number

As much as possible, never require your visitors to give their phone numbers unless it is necessary. Research has shown that people don’t continue filling up the form whenever they are asked for their phone number. 

That’s exactly what happened to ClickTale, a business intelligence and customer behavior analysis company. It performed a small test to gauge the effectiveness of its signup process and saw that 39% of potential customers leave the process at Step 2, where the form asks customers of their phone numbers.

Instead, ask for their email as a way to contact them. Or you can make the phone number field optional.

Loading Speed Is Key

Once you’re done building an effective order form, what’s next? Say you have a great order form design that is visually appealing and has the potential to power your conversions. The next thing you need to take care of is loading speed. Your forms, no matter how attractive and optimized they are, will mean nothing if they don’t load fast enough.

When your customers have reached your forms, that means they are ready to buy or subscribe or do other actions you want them to perform. But when your forms and pages are slow and they don’t transition to a shopping cart page in two seconds, your customers end up losing interest and leaving your forms and carts in a limbo.

Easy One Click Upsells

YourCart was created with the idea of making one click upsells easy to implement. From the beginning, we planned one click upsells into the process so that our customers can leverage the power of having a high converting order page combined with the power of an real one click upsell.

The simple ability to add a highly relevant offer immediately after an order is placed gives you the power to increase your sales by 2-400% from the same amount of traffic you already have buying your products.

Easy One Click Upsell

If you have a low cost front end product you can get as many customers as possible and then show them a higher cost relevant upsell on the very next page. This will help you increase your average sale amount quite a bit and allow you leverage your current sales and see instant growth.

Everything is made to be easy to setup so you can setup one click upsells on your site in just a few minutes.

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