Boost Your Sales with an Instagram Business Account

Social marketing is developing fast. And if you’re not leveraging on Instagram’s capabilities, you’re leaving money on the table. Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users and 25 million business accounts. And it’s become a major player in the online marketing world. So, if you’re serious about increasing your brand’s awareness and sales on Instagram, create a business account.

You can consider an Instagram Business Profile as the upgrade of the personal profile. A business account includes a variety of features such as analytics, ads, social selling tools, and Quick Replies. You can also add links to Stories and integrate 3rd party apps to schedule publishing posts. So, here’s a brief on the benefits your brand will enjoy if you switch to an Instagram Business account.

About Instagram Insights

You can analyze your content’s performance on Instagram with the Insights tools. They provide statistics reports for impressions, a breakdown of demographics and engagement data. Also, you can track your posts’ performance during a set period and compare it with previous posts. It’ll help you understand how Instagram’s algorithm affects your brand’s awareness.

Demographic metrics such as location, active hours, age and gender, allow you to customize content. And you’ll understand exactly how your prospects are interacting with your posts. The more you know about your prospects, the better you can tailor your posts.

Ads and Promoted Teasers

The secret to increased conversions on Instagram is soft selling. If you’re promoting your products on the platform trying to sell as much as you can, you’ll scare off your prospects. People hate aggressive marketing and sales tactics.

You must follow several steps to create successful Instagram campaigns. You should research your competition and establish campaign objectives. Afterward, set up ad targeting, build your advertising creative, and track engagement rates.

With product teasers, you can avoid losing prospects due to excessive product promotion. When you create a teaser, you can add a free offer or discount for your products. And if people don’t buy anything, they’ll still interact with your post. The secret is to tease users about services or products which they find interesting. Don’t push them to buy.

Calls to Action and Social Selling

A business account will allow you to include a Call-to-Action (CTA) button at the top of your profile. It aims to guide your prospects towards their next moves. You can ask them to visit your site, download a digital product, buy a product, or contact you. But the key is to make your CTAs as creative as possible to urge prospects to act. Test several designs and formats and see which performed best. For example, you can introduce your product without displaying it. Use phrases such as “New Product Drop on Friday”. Also, consider directing your prospects to your Stories to view a product teaser.

Instagram is an efficient tool for social selling. You can guide prospects to your site by adding links to your posts or your Stories. Also, consider using polls in your Stories. Ask people questions about your product or for their opinion about your brand. You can also publish exclusive behind-the-scenes clips. It’ll increase engagement levels and promote your brand.

Influencers play an important role in social selling. Connect with the big players to boost brand awareness and increase your outreach to new prospects. An efficient way to connect with influencers is through the “Post for Post” (P4P) method or through “Shout outs” (S4S). For example, a “Shout out is asking an influencer to tag your brand in a picture and, in return, you’ll tag them in a post. But make sure you connect with influencers who have the same interests as your brand. For example, if your business operates in the software industry, don’t connect with an influencer who posts about food.

Quick Replies

The “Quick Replies” feature helps business owners create draft answers for standard messages. You can save template messages and use them in DMs to offer details about your giveaways on Instagram or for customer support.

Also, with Quick Replies, you can engage with your followers on short reactions such as emojis. For example, if a user comments “I adore this” on one of your Stories which features your latest fine cuisine dish, you can answer with “Hi! We’re happy that you love our new dish. You’ll also like these other dishes.” It’ll make your followers feel more connected with your company and might generate new leads.

Steps to Create

To switch from a personal account to a business account on Instagram you should follow a few steps. First, access your private account. Click the icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Enter the Settings section, select Account and press Get More Tools. You’ll reach a screen showing the “Business” and “Creator” buttons. Select the “Business” button and continue through the slides. You’ll see the features and benefits of a business account. Afterward, choose the category which describes your business. The last step involves linking your Instagram business account to your Facebook page. This way you can have your posts on Instagram also appear your Facebook page.

Switching to a Business account will increase your brand’s awareness and sales rates. With a business account, you can tailor content to fit your target audience and promote your brand beyond your followers. It allows you to create ads in different formats such as photos, video or Stories and engage with your prospects. And, to streamline the process, you can use 3rd party apps to publish content based on the schedule you set up. The benefits you can enjoy with a business account on Instagram are too good to ignore. So, make the switch and grow your business.

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